DigiShares Raises Capital and Starts Their Public STO

DigiShares has completed it's private placement round as a Security Token Offering through DigiShares’ own issuance and shareholder management platform.

With the first funding round completed, DigiShares has now launched their public STO of approximately EUR 1M, as a small capital raise under EU regulations.

The offering will include equity in the form of security tokens and investors will receive shares in DigiShares with full voting and dividend rights.  Investors will also receive early access to participate in forthcoming capital raises on the DigiShares platform.

Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares:

“The swift completion of our private placement rounds seems to indicate a significant investor interest in the new world of tokenized securities. DigiShares is working with many partners to help bring the ecosystem into place such that companies can raise capital easier and with lower cost – and investors can enjoy much increased liquidity on their investments.”

The platform is provided under the DigiShares brand, but also increasingly as a white-label solution for companies that want to operate their own issuance platform. This could be STO consultants, legal, financial advisors and equity crowdfunding platforms.

About Digishares

DigiShares is among the first in Europe to provide a software platform that can be used for investment funds, real estate funds, and later stage startups to raise funding by issuing shares as tokens on the blockchain and offering them for sale.  DigiShares helps design the tokens and smart contracts to correctly represent these securities and the platform then manages the entire process related to the registration and verification of investors, distribution and signing of subscriptions forms and shareholder agreements, continuously updated shareholder registers, as well as the distribution of dividends, voting, etc.

Company Profile: Digishares 

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