Bilal El Alamy, CEO of Equisafe

Bilal El Alamy is the CEO of Equisafe, a Neo-Investment banking infrastructure for Digital Security Issuance, Distribution, Lifecycle Management & Secondary Market for private securities.

In June this year, Equisafe successfully facilitated the purchase of the AnnA Mansion in Paris for €6.5 Million on the Ethereum blockchain.

Can you tell us more about Equisafe and its vision?

Equisafe is an investment platform, which aims to make financial assets accessible to as many people as possible thanks to blockchain technology. We believe we are entering a new era where blockchain will enable deep societal evolution. The financial inclusion of savers and the creation of value in local economies remain the two driving forces behind Equisafe's action.

Describe the technology behind Equisafe and its benefits?

Equisafe platform runs on a public, permissioned, Ethereum blockchain. This blockchain will be used for the operations that are carried out at Equisafe’s official launch this fall. We developed a wide range of smart contracts allowing for thin granularity in the parametrisation of multiple types of securities while allowing various layers for compliance restriction. The benefits include a smooth user experience and the SaaS business model is ideally suited to this approach.

In your opinion, what needs to happen to grow the security token industry?

I don’t necessarily think of STOs as an industry, but I believe there are industries where innovations and new companies can be funded faster using the security tokens offering mechanism. I think the possibilities and opportunities offered by STOs and more generally the blockchain technology, are widely unknown and largely underrated from the public. Providing and sharing information knowledge and expertise about blockchain is therefore essential. I also believe that the blockchain community must advocate for the creation of a clear common legal, fiscal and accounting framework for STOs at a European level; this will reassure institutional investors and organizations and encourage them to invest and/or launch STOs.

What advice would you give to anyone considering digitising an asset or fundraising via an STO? What did you learn from your first AnnA transaction?

I would give very pragmatic but essential advice: surround yourself with strong and trusted partners to carry out your project, both technically and legally speaking, as we did for the AnnA project. A strong technical partner will provide you with a powerful and durable technical architecture for your STO while your legal advisors will help you define a precise legal and fiscal framework for the operation.

Can you reveal any plans or goals for the road ahead?

The AnnA event was a prototype operation which demonstrated Equisafe's ability to handle complex transactions. As for the future, the Equisafe investment platform will be operational this fall for investors, both individuals and professionals. Equisafe plans to expand its activity beyond just the real estate sector very soon, and to offer the purchase of financial securities, property rights in film financing companies and even in investment funds through the blockchain.


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