Christian Roemlein, CEO of intelligent fluids GmbH

Christian Roemlein is the CEO of intelligent fluids GmbH, a technology company designing innovative high performance cleaning fluids.  Founded in 2006, they have been focusing on the development and marketing of unique phase fluids based on patented technology.  To scale the company, intelligent fluids intend to execute a security token offering under the Smartchem token.

Can you give us some background to Smartchem and the problems you are solving?

Smartchem is the token of intelligent fluids.  We offer highly innovative and powerful smart physical working chemistry, that can replace aggressive solvents and harmful chemistry in industrial volume markets such as Microelectronics, Maintenance and Oil&Gas.  The market potential all together is around 20bn€.  The technology intrinsically supports 10 out of 17 sustainable development goals of the UN. 

What solutions do you offer and where are your customers from?

We offer the ideal and unique combination of smart but powerful chemistry for cleaning and stripping in B2B markets.  Our target customers in microelectronics are companies like SAMSUNG, INTEL, LG, TSMC, EPCOS (Semiconductor, Display, LED Industries).  Furthermore clients in the Oil&Gas sector and in maintenance intense industries like for example HEIDELBERGER DRUCK, WÜRTH Group and others.  We target a global customer base.

What separates Smartchem from its competition?

Competition are state-of-the-art aggressive and harmful solvents such as NMP, ACETON, DMSO, PIRANHA.  intelligent fluids combine ecologic smartness with significant economic advantages (higher yield, total cost of ownership savings, less energy) and enabling for difficult challenges in stripping and cleaning.  We can initiate the post-solvent era.

What is the purpose of conducting an STO over conventional fundraising methods?

We can reach out to international investors, we can try to reach the necessary funding within one round, we can get global brand awareness and we can offer attractive tradability of securities plus participation in token value rise.

How can blockchain improve the industrial cleaning industry?

First of all blockchain offers a new and unique form of fundraising (not only) for innovative scientific startups.  In a second step, blockchain will help improve the supply chain from vendor via manufacturer to client.  Automized and safe order processing can be achieved.  And a good control and evidence about the usage of harmless ingredients.

What does success look like in 12months?

In 12 months we will have won first volume customers or are at least in qualification steps with them.  We will have build up our global sales forces and started to plan and establish a demolab and manufacturing site in Taiwan before other countries will follow step by step.


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