Mikko Ohtamaa, CTO of TokenMarket

Mikko Ohtamaa is the CTO and Co-founder of TokenMarket, a token investment platform.  TokenMarket was created to provide the tools and foundation for blockchain orientated businesses to develop and grow in a thriving and emerging market.  Since 2017, TokenMarket has assisted over 30+ blockchain companies, issuing digital tokens in a secure and compliant way.

Could you tell us about TokenMarket and your services?

TokenMarket is a fundraising and secondary market platform. We help high tech companies in their late seed, series A, series B to raise capital.  We are looking to reduce the time-to-liquidity window, which is now 8.6 years for venture capital funded companies.  Blockchain and tokenisation is one leg to achieve this goal.  For these purposes, TokenMarket is now one of the first companies to be in UK FCA sandbox for tokenised equity crowdfunding.

What’s been the biggest accomplishment of the team to date?

We have raised $300M for our clients in token sales.

Which sectors and jurisdictions are you seeing adopt tokenization the fastest?

We are much of a believer to the grassroots approach.  International ventures, SMEs and small-cap minerals, which have the most potential to be more liquid will benefit the most.  Publicly listed companies and big private equity have well-functioning markets and there is less to gain with tokenisation.

TokenMarket has built a decentralized exchange. What type of assets will be traded and how will it be regulated?

We work with our own token issuances, but also well-known token protocol partners in this space.  Initially, we look for listing high growth company equity but might to expand it do debt instruments later.  We are looking for MTF license in Malta and AMI license in DIFC free zone in Dubai.

What is your opinion on digital securities requiring a purpose built blockchain?

I strongly disagree with this. There might be a purposely built blockchain to replace e.g. the legacy central securities depositories, but for modern tokens makes less sense. There are no upsides, you get a smaller ecosystem and it is very expensive to maintain a credible blockchain. You can read more about this on Twitter.

What can we expect from TokenMarket in the months ahead?

We are expecting to do our UK FCA test sale very soon.  For other upcoming tokenised offers, I recommend checking the TokenMarket website.


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