Security Tokens On The Blockchain

To date, more than $540M has been raised from issuers undertaking a Security Token Offering (STO).  Using STOblock data, we reviewed which of these STOs now live on a blockchain. 

Based on our criteria, we identified 30 security token contract addresses on-chain.  When we pull the data together, some interesting findings emerge:

Debt classified transactions make up 50% of addresses on-chain

Issuer Cadence makes up 13 of the 15 debt transactions with a mixture of short-term structured notes.

The Financial Services sector features the majority of security tokens on-chain

Notably Venture Capital related issuers were some of the first STOs on-chain.  Issuers include, Blockchain Capital, SPiCE, Science Blockchain and 22x Fund.

Total number of token holders is 29,538, with an average of 985 and median of 42

Issuer Nexo holds the largest number of holders of 23,195, representing 79% of total holders.

97% of security tokens are on the Ethereum blockchain

Bitbond is the only issuer on the Stellar blockchain.


Our criteria includes:

  • A fundraising event for the sale of security tokens 
  • Total funds raised have been confirmed
  • An applicable blockchain contract address with ≥ 1 token holder
  • The underlying tokens provide economic rights for investors such as dividends, interest or shares


This publication is for informational purposes only.  Data is compiled from publicly available information or from sources believed to be reliable, accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed.  STOblock does not endorse any issuer or certify that tokens are security tokens in any jurisdiction.  Nothing herein shall constitute or be constructed as, an offer, recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell any securities.  


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