This report focuses on Q2 of 2019 and how it compares to previous quarters, with the aim to provide an overview of the current STO funding activity.  In our report we look at those STOs that have completed a funding round in Q2 and break these down by deal size, industry, geographic, asset class and technology. Further we cover the success rate of STO’s year to date and how they fared in Q2.

Key highlights:

  • There were 11 STOs that raised $40.4M in the quarter
  • Majority of deal sizes were < $10m, representing an average transaction of $3.6m
  • The FinTech industry recorded the highest funding in the quarter of $20m
  • 92% of offerings were incorporated and issued from the United States
  • STO success rate reduced to 75% in this period with 4 unsuccessful offerings
  • 9 offerings extended their STO for a later date
  • 82% of issuers, elected Ethereum as their blockchain of choice
This report is sponsored by Cadence.

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